No, I do not want to fuck Donghae. I just hate that people, mostly those who are ignorant and don’t understand fan girling, generalize and don’t seem to get that not every k-pop fan girl wants to sleep and/or fuck their bias. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to fantasize about them but I don’t like that it’s an “obvious” statement. I really do admire my biases. Yes, I do think Donghae is very sexy because he really does have a great body, like many others, but I don’t fantasize with him. I honestly just admire him and all my korean men. They have taught me so much. They have helped me laugh more, be happier, be myself, and be a stronger person. I admire them and I really look up to them. So please, those of you that think that all fan girls wanna fuck their bias and/or biases, it’s not true. Sorry about this being so long but I just had to rant.